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SAGA 1453: King Harpell

The RPG SAGA continues with...

SAGA Log 1453: King Harpell
Module: 4E Tomb of Horrors Campaign Book (Modified for 5E)
(with Hommet Shaw borrowed from Sword Coast Legends)
The group divided loot, went to the New Mystara Marketplace, and said goodbye to “Wizard for Hire” Worth; he got 47,486 gp from the loot split. The rest of them got 118,968 gp each. They paid to have Mercy resurrected and returned to the Feywild family palace. Va’Zarbreena suggested Drizmar and Pylia should get married; Pylia pointed out she hadn’t been proposed to. Blue cancelled the steam breath helm.

The group plane-shifted to K-T, to Feymarsh. The family revealed Breth was going to be crowned king of Feymarsh. Breth knighted the party, making them official Knights of Feymarsh. He also relayed an invitation to check with Jamah’s daughter Daronica (who is getting engaged/married soon and taking over rulership of her family kingdom). They teleported to Pylia’s family to visit with them and Pezok. Pylia’s brother (Eilion) had broken up with Ivanja. They were reminded that Keraptis was the Emperor of Veertopia for K-T. They also found out that Daronica’s fiance was Hommet Harpell (a.k.a. Hommet Shaw of the Order of the Burning Dawn).

The team teleported to Baldur’s Gate to check on Therlion, who was in a temporary leadership position while looking for new rulers for Baldur’s Gate. Therlion gave them his invitation to go speak with Keraptis. The magic scroll sent them to the Palace of Keraptis, where they met the cunning and suave human wizard. They came to an understanding (he is a servant of Mephistopheles and offered to help them deal with Veersala); Keraptis said he would step down after the team defeated Veersalla and that he would help protect the team’s family members. He also told them Cap was a “wannabe” Acererak.

Drizmar and Pylia checked in with the Eldreth Veluuthra (EV). Blue & Blood prayed to Ehlonna, who let them know they were in line to become her new chosen. Pylia messaged Fritz, who was rebuilding Bloodstone and coordinating the Oerth/Greyhawk Castle rebuild with Brodo. The group rested for a 10-day and then attended the engagement party for Daronica and Hommet.

For the year of downtime:
Fluter stepped down and they appointed Mercy the new family leader. Blue established magical protections for the entire Feywild Palace gardens and outer fence/walls - and 100’ out from them - with tattoo magic (a silver leaf) as a key to allow people to forego the protections and teleport inside by hiring a team of 30 wizards to cast spells every day for a year and paying them 5 million gp that came from the family. Va’Zarbreena transferred over 1.5 million gp. Pylia and her bro got 500,000 gp from their side of the family. From Feymarsh, King Breth let them sell Castle Ravenloft for 3 million gold; one of the dragonborn bought it and became Baron Goldy.

Pylia, with her bro and Drizmar, went to the Feywild swamp and picked up the 12 remaining blackscale lizardfolk that considered her their Swamp Queen. When they said they were weak and needed her, she agreed to let them come with her. Pylia learned the tattoo ritual for the family, trained her lizardfolk how to fight, de-trapped Acerarak’s library and learned new spells; she magically messaged Moghadam, who gave her Ruinblade and granted her the ownership of the Tomb of Horrors/Skull City. Pylia moved her lizardfolk there and renamed it the Tomb of Wonders. The village people who didn’t leave accepted her leadership. She took over the former necromancer’s academy and made it a wizard’s school. She sent word to Kalstrand that they were open for trade.

With all of the downtime passing, the team’s ship was fully repaired by the elves of Evermeet - though the team had not picked it up yet. During the year, Daronica and Hommet married and had a child. King Harpell worked with the leaders of the Sword Coast to form an alliance that could be in place once Veertopia was fully dissolved.

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